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Tablet and smartphone screen replacement:

Aiozo offers an affordable solution to tablet screen replacement and smartphone screen replacement with a low $50 flat rate plus parts.

If your tablet still powers on and touch screen functions are still working we can replace the cracked screen. If the image on your broken tablet shows black spots or a distortion in color it may be the digitizer monitor depending on the model.

In most cases we replace the screen's digitizer and broken screen together as needed to ensure proper repair. 

We can help! If you have your model number ready give us a call. We can assist you with a quote and help you determine the best solution to repairing your tablet or smartphone.

Tablet  power jack repair:


If your tablet wont turn on their are a few troubleshooting steps you can check. Sometimes IF a tablet has been without power or loss of power for to long. It may require a 24-48 hour charge.

First, inspect the tablet to see if the micro usb port or power adapter is damaged this is the place your power supply plugs into. Also check to see if any dust or debris may be trapped in the usb port. The micro usb port has a small contact tab inside that can become damaged by plugging in the wrong adapter or maybe the tablet fell damaging the charging port.

Aiozo can repair tablet and smartphone micro usb ports by soldering on a new port or in some cases re-soldering a bad contact. Different tablet models may require replacing the mother board, power board, or power jack cable harness as well.

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